Fallen Angel Reviews
5/5 Angels!
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“Ms. Jarun has created a unique story by mixing characters from Feudal Japan into an early American culture to fashion a story that is fast paced and unpredictable for the reader. I loved the scenes from Japan and how Aki and Akeno adapted to America, sometimes with more success than others. It was interesting to see how individuals from both cultures responded differently to the same situations. The scenes where Aki and Akeno finally expressed their true feelings for each other was moving and very erotic. It was interesting to see how both sets of siblings found themselves in similar situations, but looked upon it differently, maybe due to the different cultures. It was fascinating to watch the action unfold and not be able to figure what was really going on until the very end. I will definitely look for more books by Ms. Jarun.” Reviewed by: Teresa

Dark Angel Reviews
4 pixies!

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“The continuing revelations in this novel are truly amazing. Author Silapa Jarun weaves an extraordinarily involved tapestry with the foil of the defeated Samurai twins contrasting the elusive ethereally ill Klara and her relative Konrad. A man who seems so open and aboveboard, Konrad harbors his own mysterious drives and secrets. Akenko, who nearly did not survive the atrocities of the civil war in his homeland, is emotionally scarred for life, and so appeals to Klara, who is barely a survivor herself. In the end, a series of astounding revelations will upend the reader’s sense of certainty and leave the storyline lingering in the mind for quite some time. Silapa Jarun has a taut grasp of background historical detail and the period comes alive with sensory perceptions, both in the Japanese setting and in Wisconsin, where the reader can almost feel the snap of cold and the bite of the wind. Emotional and sensual tensions between various combinations of the four characters tighten minutely and almost imperceptibly, but inescapably. A multilayered and complex story, KATANA DUET is memorable and thought-provoking.” Frost

Review by Wendy Koenigsmann at Authorsden.

The Yaoi Review


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