Author Discovery: Lindsay Townsend’s “A Secret Treasure”

I haven’t read a sweet romance in a long time so Lindsay Townsend‘s A Secret Treasure was very delightful.

The setting of Rhodes became a character within the story and served as a matchmaker for two very different people: Eve Burnett and the irresistable Italian Julio Falcone.

A Secret Treasure takes place during 1937 when Rhodes was dominated by the Italians. Therefore, a British woman like Eve is bound to believe that Julio, a policeman, must be a

Eve must decide whether or not to protect her parents and her brother David from Italian authorities such as Julio, who suspect that David is involved in the Greek resistent movement.

The courtship between Eve and Julio is traditional but strained due to the heroine’s family obligations and complicated by a valuable treasure the natives must preserve at all costs.

Eve’s character, to me, is represented by the treasure which I cannot reveal here. The young woman’s character and ability to act under pressure is a bit like the treasure’s ability to shine through the darkness.

Lindsay Townsend’s work is the perfect read for someone who wants to experience an elegant romance with a touch of danger.

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