Trip to San Francisco Chinatown

My mother and I took the Amtrak from Burbank California up north to San Jose and then to Menlo Park where we stayed for 2 days and 3 nights. During our trip we visited San Francisco’s busy Chinatown. The ethnic enclave is a cross between a giant market on rolling hills and one of the best food courts in the gold rush state. Stopping on the sidewalk meant I risk getting trampled on by the mass of people rushing to have dim sum or do their Sunday morning groceries. Everywhere you turn there would be an old building, built after the 1906 earthquake, or a modern western style building with Chinese architectural accents. Only in C-town can you find a monastery built on top of a bank or a calligraphy shop across from a cell phone outlet. As I tried to stay afloat in the sea of people, I kept my cell phone on and snapped pics as I went. Please click on the video below to enjoy a selection of the photos (^_^).

If the player is not working just visit the youtube link.

While in C-town, I picked up 2 bags of dried chrysanthemum flowers at Ten Ren Tea to prepare an easy drink, sweetened preserved plums and we purchased a wok for my sister at the Wok Shop.

Before retrieving our car from the $12 parking spot we had lunch at The Stinking Rose in Little Italy.


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