Main Book Trailer

Trailer #2 With Voice Work

Credits for both vids:

This e-book is available for purchase and download at

VOICES (mxm fiction and art gallery site) voice over team

Music used for the video include
“Musashi” and “Her Clockwork Heart” by Joshua A. Pfeiffer ( and “Enter the Calliope” and “The Sweetest Poison” by Allison Curval (

The Matsumoto twins, or “mirror samurai,” are bound together by a horrible crime committed during the civil war. Eager for a new beginning, the brothers travel to America where they are befriended by the Lennartsson brother and sister, Konrad and Klara. Akeno becomes attracted to the seemingly innocent young Klara, while Aki allies himself with, Konrad, who is desperately trying to find a cure for his sister’s mysterious illness.

The bond of brotherhood between the samurai grows into a forbidden relationship as they realize “Katana Duet” is not the only stage show they must perform for money but they must also play out an elaborate act to free themselves from a deadly game in a household full of secrets.

Genre: Interracial, Historical Gay Romance
Theme: Psychological Thriller, Twincest
Length: 43,000 words


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