Flawed Characters?

Question from Lindsay Townsend author of FLAVIA’S SECRET
“Do you like to write about flawed characters?
Do you like to read about them?”

I like characters who are deeply flawed and change for better or worst due to their imperfections.
They use their talents and knowledge to manipulate other characters or create a believable facade
to lure readers into their camp. My guys and gal(s) with personal goals always enter the ring with their gloves off and probably have a concealed metaphorical weapon or two.

So far only one of my works have been published with Siren-Bookstrand.com, Katana Duet: Samurai’s Forbidden Love and so I’m restricted to discussing just this work.

The female character of Klara is the classic gothic heroine who is in peril, atleast on the surface level. Her flaw is selfishness which motivates her to try and influence her brother Konrad and new ally Akeno Matsumoto, a samurai who immigrated to the USA.

Konrad on the other hand is selflessness which fuels his obsession with curing his sister’s mysterious illness. This young scientist is competent in his field however he is blinded by love and pursues a dead end.

Akeno, the more submissive Matsumoto twin, wishes to protect and love Klara who he views as a symbol of his own lost innocence. His sibling, Aki, an assertive and ambitious man becomes jealous of his brother’s affection towards the American female. Thus, Akeno’s flaw is in believing what he sees on the surface while Aki cannot recognize that his own reaction to the romance reveals his suppressed desire for something or someone completely forbidden.

I personally enjoy reading flawed characters and can’t stand Mary Sues or their male equivalent. It doesn’t have to be a dark or serious story but I love characters with “issues” in comedies or adventure stories as well.


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